2022.01.08 IMPORTANT

Producer letter (January 8, 2022)

Hello, Adventurers! Thank you for always playing Last Cloudia.
This is Producer Takeshima. Many of you know me by my nickname, Takeson.

As of today, January 8, 2022, we celebrate the 1000th day since the release of Last Cloudia.
Everyone here at AIDIS would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the players who have supported us over this time.

Although this is a small gift, we’d like to celebrate our 1000th day with you by sending all players 1000 crystals.
Thank you so much.

Last Cloudia went live on April 15, 2019; exactly 1000 days ago.
Though I can laugh about them know, development of Last Cloudia was full of heartaches and pains.
As AIDIS’s first published title, we wanted Last Cloudia to be an RPG using pixel art, an area in which we excel, and for it to be something that everyone around the world could play and enjoy. We wanted it to be filled with so many ideas and lots of unique, personal flair.

At that time, I wasn’t a producer, but a team manager, and I had never experienced a development process quite like the one I did with Last Cloudia.
There was a lot of trial and error, and various problems and misunderstandings occurred within the development team.
It took a while for everything to finally come together, but when it did, we were finally able to release it to everyone.

Looking back on it, I think the reason we were able to meet the release date for the game was that, despite the many difficulties that we had, all of the creators were genuinely excited about the game’s functions, graphics, story, music, and production that were completed over each day.
The one thing that the creatures refused to compromise on was the title of the game, Last Cloudia.

Of course, even after the game was released, it wasn’t smooth sailing from there.
There have been many issues and problems with the game, and we’ve sometimes had trouble getting out enough content that’s fun and challenging enough for our amazing players.
And at times, there were some business decisions we made that the players may have found questionable.

We take the complete blame for all of the shortcomings we’ve had, and we want to thank all of you for sticking with us through it all. It means the world to us.

Going forward towards our third year, we hope to make Last Cloudia into an even more fun, exciting, and interesting game to play for everyone.
We’re working hard to create new events and content as well as to upgrade and revise existing functions. We also hope to implement some new, large-scale functions that aren’t in the game yet, so we sincerely hope that you stick with us so you can see all of the great new things coming to the game.

We all plan to do our best to make Last Cloudia more fun for all of its players and grow our fanbase so that everyone can enjoy the game for as long as possible!

It’s only been 1000 days since the game was released. Kyle’s journey is just getting started.
What kinds of things do you think are in store for him after 1500 days, or 2000 days?
I’m looking forward to finding out just as much as you are.

We appreciate your continued support of Last Cloudia.

Producer Teruya Takeshima (Takeson)