2019.12.26 NOTICE

『Phantom Thief Gacha』Release

Thank you for playing Last Cloudia.

Starting 12/26, following maintenance, the 『Phantom Thief Gacha』 will become available.

■■Rate-up Period■■
12/26/2019 post-maintenance ~ 1/14/2020 22:59 PT

■■Rate-Up Units and Arks■■

The following Units and Arks will have an increased drop rate:

【Phantom Thief Robin】
Category Details
Type Soldier
Equippable Type All Weapons / Cloth
CV Eric Kelso
Special XIV Phantom
Frontal medium area, strong Dark combo attack. Chance to decrease enemy STR and INT.

【SSR Great Temple Maja】
Category Details
Ark Attributes Light magic costs MP-1.
Unit Skills Holy Wall – Dark attribute resistance +20 for all allies.
Terror Melt – Increases physical damage dealt to enemies with status ailments by 20%.
Auto Aura – Continuous Aura effect. Magic increases.

【SR Aldana Colosseum】
Category Details
Ark Attributes Battle start: Grants flinch resistance for a certain time.
Unit Skill Healing Wind – Recovers HP to all allies.
Sorcerer Killer – Regular attacks are effective against Sorcerers.
EXP Up – Receive more EXP after each quest. (Not Stackable)

In this Gacha, you can get one Jan. Last Cloudia Medal for each Gacha spin.
Jan. Last Cloudia Medals can be exchanged at the Marketplace.
Please use this opportunity to exchange for useful Items.

【Trading Space】
SHOP –> MARKETPLACE –> Event –> Exchange Jan. Last Cloudia Medal Trading Space

【Exchange Period】
■ Jan. Last Cloudia Medal Trading Space
12/26/2019 post-maintenance
2/6/2020 at 22:59 (PT)

■■Please Note■■
*Rate-up, exchange periods, and their contents may be subject to change.

Thank you for your continued support of Last Cloudia.

The Last Cloudia Management Team.