2023.11.16 EVENT

[Collab Redux Festival] NieR:Automata Collab Gacha Pt. 2 Released!

On November 16, 2023, post-maintenance, NieR:Automata Collab Gacha Pt. 2 will be released!

Pick-Up Gacha Pt. 2

Nov 16, post-maintenance – Nov 29, 10:59 pm (PT)

In this gacha, the following units and arks are on rate-up:

Flight Unit Ho229 Type-S

Bunker (LR)


Event Granzelia Descent Released!By playing this event, you’ll be able to take on various training quests, fishing, and even the collab boss Simone!

Additionally, the unit 9S and two arks obtainable in the previous collab will be appear in this redux.

Also note that on Nov 22, post-maintenance, the time trial quest Machine Lifeform Assault Time Trial Rankings will also appear!

Collab boss Simone

Nov 9, post-maintenance – Nov 29, 10:59 pm (PT)


Collab Login Bonus Pt. 2
You can get items each day you log in during this period.
Log in every day to get collab gacha tickets!

Nov 16, post-maintenance – Nov 29, 10:59 pm (PT)


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