2023.03.16 EVENT

Collab Promo Pt. 1: Repel the Homunculi!

Score amazing rewards for the entire community to kick off the collaboration between Last Cloudia and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD!

Hit all of the milestones and all Last Cloudia players will receive collab gacha tickets, crystals and Support Frame: Uroboros Mark! In addition, 5 randomly selected players will win a $25 USD gift code. All you have to do is follow either the official Last Cloudia Twitter or Facebook account and retweet or share the promo post to enter!

Mar 16, 2023, post-maintenance – Mar 22, 2023, 11:59 pm (PT)

1.Follow Last Cloudia’s official Facebook or Twitter account.
2.Retweet or share the promo post.

Everyone who plays Last Cloudia will receive the following in-game items!
RT/Shares  Prizes
200    Ed, the Fullmetal Alchemist Unit Soul x 20, King Bradley Unit Soul x20
300    ★Collab Ticket Pt. 1 x3
400    ★Collab Ticket Pt. 2 x3
500    Crystal x400
600    Crystal x600, Support Frame: Uroboros Mark

In addition, five (5) randomly selected players will win a $25 USD store gift code.

*For further details about this promo, please see the notes below.

• This promotion is only valid for the English version of Last Cloudia.
• To take part in the promotion, you need either a Facebook or Twitter account.
• Your entry is complete once you follow Last Cloudia’s official Twitter or Facebook account and Retweet or share the promo post.
• Additionally, your account must be public.
• If you unfollow the official Last Cloudia account or delete your post, your entry will be canceled.
• Prizes are non-transferable.
• In-game rewards for all players earned from this promotion will be distributed on Mar 23, 2023, post-maintenance.
• Once winners have been selected, those winners will be notified by direct message on the platform where they entered.
• This promotion is subject to change or end without notice.
• All entries judged to be illegitimate by AIDIS, Inc. will be canceled, and the person who submitted them will become ineligible to win.
• This promotion is held by AIDIS, and is not sponsored or endorsed by Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, or any third party.
• The terms and conditions of this promotion shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, without regard to conflict of laws and principles.


Thank you for your continued support of Last Cloudia.
The Last Cloudia Management Team

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