2022.11.30 EVENT

Tales Of Series Collab Gacha Pt. 2 Released!

On Nov 30, 2022, post-maintenance, Tales Of Series Collab Gacha Pt. 2 will be released!

Nov 30, post-maintenance – Dec 14, 10:59 pm (PT)

■ Pick-Up Gacha Pt. 2
In this gacha, the following units and arks are on rate-up:

Yuri Lowell

Brave Vesperia (LR)

Ark Trait (Ark Lv 10)
Damage dealt to Human-type enemies +20%.
Cut magic attack damage taken based on number of living allies with a non-Human type (max -20%).
When taking lethal damage from a Special, survive with 1 HP until that attack ends (max once).


Collab Login Bonus
You can get items each day you log in during this period.
Log in every day to get collab gacha tickets!

Nov 30, post-maintenance – Dec 14, 10:59 pm (PT)


Event Training Field Released!
On November 30, 2022, post-maintenance, the event Training Field will be released.

This event gives a huge amount of EXP which allows you to quickly train your units.
Additionally, the collab units are event units, giving you a chance to get even more EXP and AP for them!

Event Period
Nov 30, post-maintenance – Dec 7, 10:59 pm (PT)


Event Otherworldly Swordsmen Released!
In this event, by playing the quests, you can get various items, including collab equipment and training materials.
Additionally, you can battle the bosses Ultra Kronos, who appeared in the original games!
In the battle with Ultra Kronos, you can enjoy a 2D-style battle, which is a first for Last Cloudia.

In addition, from Dec 8, the Coliseum Time Trial Ranking will be released!
Do your best to clear these quests!

These stamps can be used in multiplayer.


Thank you for your continued support of Last Cloudia.
The Last Cloudia Management Team

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