2022.06.16 EVENT

Blademaster and Dreadwyrm Galanova Join Last Cloudia!

On June 16, 2022, post-maintenance, the Descent of Heroes Festival and Step-Up Descent of Heroes Festival will be released!

New Unit
Blademaster Beyland (Voice: Jouji Nakata)

New Ark
Dreadwyrm Galanova (SSR)
Ark Trait (Ark Lv 10):
No-attribute skill damage +25%.
When incapacitated, revive if three other allies are alive (once per wave).
Clothes Equipped: Critical rate +3%/ physical attack damage cap +1000.

100% Ark Ether Reward


Event The Silver-Gray Swordsman Released
In this event, you can play a heroic tale that spotlights Beyland.

During this event, you can get a total of 3 types of limited equipment and a Blademaster Beyland stamp!
Get these items by playing the event!


Thank you for your continued support of Last Cloudia.
The Last Cloudia Management Team