2022.04.13 IMPORTANT

Producer Letter (April 13, 2022)

Hello, adventurers! Thank you for always playing Last Cloudia.
This is Producer Takeshima. Many of you know me by my nickname, Takeson.

At last, the 3rd anniversary of Last Cloudia is approaching.

Last year, it had only been six months since I became the producer, and I was putting my all into thinking of ways to make the 2nd anniversary amazing for everyone.
Thanks to the support of all of our daily players and the hardworking Last Cloudia team, this year marks the game’s 3rd anniversary, and also another year of me being the producer.

Even more so than during the 2nd anniversary, I feel overjoyed to have reached this anniversary and to be able to celebrate it all with you despite the difficulty and huge responsibilities I felt. I also strongly hope to meet everyone’s expectations for our fourth year.
In that sense, I’m looking forward to even more great things than the previous year.

In this Producer’s Letter, I want to go over the Last Cloudia roadmap for April onward that we touched on in the livestream the other day.


■ April
・Guilds Released (guild creation, chat function)
Following on the multiplayer feature that was introduced last year, we’re implementing guilds as a way for players to communicate with each other within the game.
The first step for guilds is guild creation and the ability to chat with guild members.
I hope that you take this chance to create a guild now, as we will be adding new content that you can enjoy with your guild members in the future.
I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of guilds you all create.

・Main Story
As mentioned in the livestream, there will be new additions to the main story.
I don’t want to spoil the story so close to the release, but I can tell you that the stories coming to you very soon are pure Last Cloudia.
We hope you enjoy the main story that’s released during the celebration of our 3rd anniversary.

■ May
・Maze of Tartarus
You’ve frequently requested the chance to use the units you’ve trained in various in-game content.
The Maze of Tartarus is our answer to those requests. This content has been created so that you can use all of the units you’ve managed to train up over time.
It’s scheduled for beta release in May, and it will continue to be improved as we receive your feedback.

■ June
・Guilds (additional content)
From June, we plan to add content that you can enjoy as part of a guild.
I can’t give any specific details at this time, but we’ll let you know more when the time is right via in-game notices and social media.
I hope you’ll enjoy playing together with the people you’ve met through Last Cloudia.

■ July to September
・Additional Main Story
This will be the continuation of the main story added in April.
Of course, I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but I hope that you’ll enjoy what we have prepared.

・LC Pass (subscription feature)
Thank you for your patience while we worked to make this announcement.
Testing and implementation of the LC Pass subscription system are currently underway, so we expect it to become available sometime between July and September.
We plan to make it easier for everyone who signs up to power up their units and get rewards at regular intervals.
We’ll keep you posted with more details once we have them.


In this Producer’s Letter, I’ve provided you with a roadmap for the next three months or so.
Until now, it’s been difficult for us to provide such information. However, in our fourth year, I hope to be able to regularly provide you with information about upcoming content and features that we plan to implement within the game.

The long-awaited 3rd anniversary celebration will begin tomorrow.
As I said in the livestream, it’s because of your support that Last Cloudia has been able to continue operating for the past three years.
Again, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my hearts.

We’ve prepared lots of great things for the anniversary to show how much we appreciate our wonderful players. I hope you enjoy them and we have a fantastic anniversary together.

Last Cloudia is now entering its fourth year.
There have been moments when the game’s development and operation did not go as smoothly as planned, and it failed to meet your expectations. However, I am committed to creating the best game possible while taking user feedback to heart. I want you to know that I hear your opinions and they matter to me greatly.

As we mentioned 1000 days after the game’s release, Kyle’s journey is just getting started.
Just like Kyle and the others, we in the Last Cloudia Team plan to bring you countless exciting adventures that reflect all the fun we have while developing and operating the game.

I appreciate your continued support of Last Cloudia.

Producer Teruya Takeshima (Takeson)