2022.08.10 EVENT

Divine Beast Lagreign and Divine Beast Baalmeight Join Last Cloudia!

On Aug 10, 2022, post-maintenance, the Descent of Heroes Festival and Step-Up Descent of Heroes Festival will be released!

New Unit
Divine Beast Lagreign (Voice: Wataru Hatano)

New Ark
Divine Beast Baalmeight (UR)

▼Ark Trait (Ark Lv 10)
During status ailments, damage taken -15%.
Max HP +20%. STR/ INT +5% (max +15%) per living God-type ally other than unit.
Battle Start: Give Reverence buff to God-type ally with highest STR.
While unit is alive, give that ally physical attack damage cap +2000.


100% Ark Ether Reward


Event Cruel Black Lightning Released!
This event will take place on the limited-time event map Imperial Capital Grandar.

In this event, you’ll protect Grandar Ramparts from the approaching divine beasts through cooperative play between all players.
You can get various rewards depending on the number of times the divine beasts are repelled and your own number of honor points.
Additionally, there are also some useful training quests (Training Grounds)!

Long before the Black Knights advanced upon the land,
there was a time when the Grandar Empire fought a fierce war against the Army of Ruin.
Certain ferocious followers of the God of Ruin were sent to capture
Grandar’s most important strategic location—the imperial capital.
Those followers were the divine beasts said to be most connected to the God of Ruin…


■ Maze of Tartarus Official Release
The official version of the Maze of Tartarus, which was held in beta form in May, will be released.

The Maze of Tartarus is content in which your aim is to travel down through a labyrinth to take all of the floors.
Units/arks/equipment used to take a floor cannot be used on other floors.
Extremely difficult enemies await on every floor, so make full use of your units as best you can to take each floor.

Note that the official release version is even more difficult than the beta version.
The participation requirements have also changed as shown below.

*You can scroll horizontally.


Maze of Tartarus Official Release Login Bonus Released
A login bonus will be released to celebrate the official release of the Maze of Tartarus.
Challenge yourself to defeat the brutal enemies that await you in the maze!


Ark Trade Ticket Mission

For a limited time, the Ark Trade Ticket Mission will appear on the upper left of the Home screen!
Earn an Ark Trade Ticket to trade for the ark of your choice in the Trading Space.

*Arks that can be traded for include all arks that have been released up until Jan 13, 2022 (up to Harmattancraft, St. Rose).
*Limited, UR, and free arks are not eligible for trade.

Aug 10, post-maintenance – Sep 8, 11:59 pm (PT)


Thank you for your continued support of Last Cloudia.
The Last Cloudia Management Team