2022.07.28 EVENT

Leona, Princess Summer and Simmering Sunshine Join Last Cloudia!

On July 28, 2022, post-maintenance, Red Hot Gacha Pt. 1 will be released!

New Unit

Leona, Princess Summer (Voice: Atsumi Tanezaki)

New Ark
Simmering Sunshine (LR)

Ark Trait (Ark Lv 10):
Status ailment recovery speed +30%, slightly cut faint time.
During Hydro Shell buff, STR/ DEF/ INT/ MND +10%.
Battle Start: HP cap +5000 and restore HP (permanent until unit is incapacitated).


100% Ark Ether Reward


Event A Summer’s Cold Remembrance Released!
This event will be held on the exclusive event map Sunvessel Island.
On this map, you can get event-limited equipment at the Monster Collector’s Manor and take on various special training quests.
Additionally, there will be a special shop where you’ll find amazing training materials every day.

Leona and the others have come to Sunvessel Island for a vacation.
However, Leona was lured into a creepy area alone.
Could this really be Sunvessel Island?
Facing beasts and a looming mystery, Leona struggles to uncover the secrets of the island.


Unit Trade Ticket Mission

For a limited time, the Unit Trade Ticket Mission will appear on the upper left of the Home screen!
Earn a Unit Trade Ticket to trade for the unit of your choice in the Trading Space.

*Units that can be traded for include all units that have been released up until Jan 13, 2022 (up to Ardine).
*Limited, collab, and free units are not eligible for trade.


Event Collect Vacation Medals! Released!
During the event period, clear quests to earn Vacation Medals.
Use the medals you’ve collected to get exclusive summer equipment, each type of Radiance, ★Red Hot Gacha Tickets Pt. 1, and other rare items from the Vacation Medal Trading Space!


Splashtacular Promo Login Bonus
Splashtacular Login Bonus Pt. 1 released.
Log in every day to get splashtacular rewards!


The Latest News on Last Cloudia!
The latest news on Last Cloudia has been posted in a video.
The video contains tons of information about our summer update.
Check out the link below to watch it!

▼View the video here


Thank you for your continued support of Last Cloudia.
The Last Cloudia Management Team