2022.06.02 EVENT

Persona 5 Royal Collab Gacha Pt. 2 Released!

On Jun 2, 2022, post-maintenance, Persona 5 Royal Collab Gacha Pt. 2 will be released!

Jun 2, post-maintenance – Jun 15, 11: 59 pm (PT)

■ Pick-Up Gacha Pt. 2
In this gacha, the units Crow and Violet and the ark Kichijoji are on rate-up.



Kichijoji (LR)
Ark Trait (Ark Lv 10)
SCT recovery speed +10%. Continuous STR +25% buff.
When taking an attribute weakness attack, chance to nullify damage taken.
When physically attacking an enemy in break, give the enemy a STR/ DEF/ INT/ MND -20% debuff (once per wave).

Collab Login Bonus Pt. 2
You can get items each day you log in during this period.
Log in every day to get collab gacha tickets!

Jun 2, post-maintenance – Jun 15, 11:59 am (PT)


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