2022.05.26 EVENT

Persona 5 Royal Collab Released!

The collaboration event with the PS4 RPG Persona 5 Royal has been released!
Please check the details below!

May 26, post-maintenance – Jun 15, 11:59 pm (PT)

■ Pick-Up Gacha Pt. 1
In this gacha, the units Joker and Morgana and the ark Royal are on rate-up!



Royal (LR)
Ark Traits (Ark Lv 10)
Chance to get an item when unit defeats a boss (1 per boss).
Chance for skill attacks to deal an extra attack to enemies in break.
When an enemy is in break, restore SCT 15 sec (once per wave). Earth/ Dark attack critical damage cap +1000.


■ Collab Event Otherworld Phantoms
In this event, you will conduct heists in the Cognition Labyrinths.
In the Flash Quests that appear during heists, you’ll find special training quests or battle Reaper.

Participate to earn rewards such as unit prisms for collab units, stamps and gacha tickets.
Also, don’t miss out on the time trial quest, The Phantom Thieves’ Code, which starts on Jun 9!


■Get the collab-limited stamps!


■ Collab Special Login Bonus

You’ll receive a ★Collab Unit Ticket Pt. 1, which guarantees either Joker or Morgana!
Once you get this ticket, use it in the Persona 5 Royal Ticket Gacha Pt. 1!

May 26, post-maintenance – Jun 15, 11:59 pm (PT)


■ Collab Challenge
The Collab Challenge consists of 9 simple missions displayed on the home screen.
Clear rewards include collab gacha tickets and crystals and more!
Completing the challenge will reward you with a ★Special Cube I Unlocker, which can be used in the event Otherworld Phantoms.
Get rewards while getting used to the game!

May 26, post-maintenance – Jun 15, 11:59 pm (PT)


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