2022.04.15 EVENT

Last Cloudia Celebrates Its Third Anniversary with the Release of Heroic Lord Roland and Guilds

[TOKYO, JAPAN – April 15, 2022] Today mobile game publisher AIDIS Inc. is celebrating the third anniversary of its fantasy roleplaying game Last Cloudia. This landmark occasion is being marked in Last Cloudia with the release of the new unit and ark Heroic Lord Roland and Archbeing El’dravahna, a guild feature, the Chronicles feature, main story quests, extravagant promotions, and more.

This is the perfect opportunity for new and returning players to explore and enjoy the game.

New Unit Heroic Lord Roland Released!

Heroic Lord Roland (Voice: Kaito Ishikawa)

In Last Cloudia, Prince Roland has been known for being a talented swordsman; however, by learning from his past mistakes, he has grown stronger in order to help his allies even more.

The new unit Heroic Lord Roland’s trait, Heroic Lord, boosts his Light damage and damage cap, his skill Star Geyser allows him to instantly close in on his enemies and deal a combo attack that launches them into the air, and his Special, Glorious Finale, allows him to deal a powerful Light combo attack to all enemies.

New Ark Archbeing El’dravahna (UR Rarity) Released!

The dragon Imperator El’dravahna, Prince Roland’s summoned beast, has regained its original power and returned to its true form in the new Archbeing El’dravahna ark. This ark boosts a character’s strength by 10% and gradually boosts strength each wave over time. Archbeing El’dravahna also provides resistance against status ailments at battle start and can also increase a unit’s skill and Special damage.

A Free 10-spin Every Day! Up to 250 Free Spins!

On April 14, post-maintenance, players can get a free 10-spin each day until May 11, 11:59 pm (PT). Players who log in every day can get up to a total of up to 250 free spins. Additionally, players can also trade the 3rd Celebration Medals that come with each spin for amazing items in the Trading Space.

Guilds Feature Released!
On April 14, the new guild feature was added. Joining a guild allows players to communicate in real time and enjoy Last Cloudia even further. Players who join a guild can also receive a guild login bonus once a day.

Chronicles Feature Released!

Chronicles is a new feature that allows players to play previous event stories and quests. By completing quests and collecting special exchange items, players can obtain unique equipment only available through those events.

* Guilds and Chronicles will be added to and expanded upon in the future.

Start of the 3rd Anniversary Festival Event!

The 3rd Anniversary Festival begins on April 15 at midnight (PT). As part of this event, everyone who completes a simple quest before maintenance on May 12 will get 3000 crystals.

Login Bonus Including a Lv 100 Rainbow Potion!

To celebrate the third anniversary of Last Cloudia, players will get bonus rewards with each login. On the first day, players will receive a Rainbow Potion, a special item that allows you to level up a unit all the way to Lv 100 in one go! From the second day onward, players will get rewards such as crystals and gacha tickets.

Collect 3rd Celebration Medals!

During this event, which lasts until May 11, 11:59 pm, players can get 3rd Celebration Medals from various locations in-game. Many exclusive item rewards, such as various gacha tickets and radiances, are in the Trading Space lineup. Collect tons of medals to trade for exclusive gear!

3rd Anniversary Match: the first volume

This event is one that is cooperative with all other players. Until April 27, 11:59 pm (PT), a new boss will appear each day in the quest Festival Megabeasts. Players can reap repel rewards based on the total number of all players’ repels each day. Additionally, by collecting exchange items and event points, players can get various items. There’s also an event limited stamp available, so you won’t want to miss it.

Thank you for your continued support of Last Cloudia.
The Last Cloudia Management Team