2021.06.03 IMPORTANT

Producer Letter (June 3, 2021)

Hello, adventurers, thank you all for playing Last Cloudia! It’s Producer Takeshima here.

As of April 2021, we’ve made it to two whole years of Last Cloudia, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you for getting us this far. I can’t express my appreciation enough!

I’m also extremely grateful that so many people have become a part of the Last Cloudia community, as we surpassed 3 million downloads worldwide in May!

With that in mind, I’d like to talk about all the suggestions and requests you’ve been giving us for Arena and share other plans for the future. While I can’t get into much detail right now, I’m happy to present you with a rundown of the key points.

We’ve scheduled a video for sometime in June where we’ll discuss the upcoming game adjustments, so be sure to check it out!

(1) Arena Changes
We’ve received tons of helpful comments and suggestions from you all regarding the Arena. Right now, the management team is looking into much-requested improvements for these issues:

Certain unit combinations drag out battles.
Time-stopping healing spells can be spammed, tediously interrupting battles.
It’s possible to match with the same opponent multiple times per day.
Certain players win matches with unfair play.
Other things like magic-related battle balance, and issues with how rankings work.
We’ll be handling these one by one to get them all sorted out. Along with this, sometime in June, we’ll be introducing additional formations, as explained below:

■ On the New Formations
Up until now, formations have been specced for HP recovery, increased resistances and the like. But going forward, we’ll be introducing formations which are effective against specific enemy types or have otherwise increased attack power at the cost of taking more damage or other hindrances.

Battles will play out differently depending on the formation a party uses, which should help prevent a stale or deadlocked metagame. By making formations a more active part of the game, we want to make more play styles and parties viable.

These improvements will be released with the third Arena ranking release and afterward. Information will be available in-game, so please check it out then!

Once the plan of action is sorted, we’ll let you know about other things as well.

(2) About the June Updates
Now onto the updates scheduled for June!

■ Official Multiplayer Release
The multiplayer beta will end, and the official version of multiplayer will be released!

▼Differences from the Beta

The beta version only featured some event quest support for multiplayer, but with the full release we’ll finally have multiplayer-centric content and bosses!

As of June, there won’t be any major changes to multiplayer functionality, but we will be addressing the issues provided from previous surveys.

■ New Training Features and Unit Upgrades
New training features will be added, and current units will be strengthened. Though I’d like to mention the details here, you can find out the details by watching the upcoming video mentioned earlier! Be sure to check it out!

Along with this, we’ll also begin upgrading ability piece features, etc. for units released in the past. I’d like to take this chance to thank you for the incredible patience you’ve shown while we respond to your requests.

We will begin by upgrading several units in June. Other units will be released regularly in the months of July and onward, so please look forward to these.

We plan to mostly upgrade those units released July 2020 and earlier (up until Roland. There’s also a possibility that some units released August 2020 and later may change. Collaboration units won’t be included in this round of improvements, but they could be upgraded if they return in any redux events. We will let you know in an in-game notice if this happens.

■ Introducing Godforge Alchemy to the Alchemy Lab!
The new feature Godforge Alchemy will be added. This feature might sound fancy, but it will actually allow you to fuse existing equipment to create all-new equipment! Further information will be provided in a video, so check it out!

■ Other Training Streamlining
In addition, we’ll also be making the hard-to-come-by crystal cluster items more easily obtainable. Once again, see the video we’re planning to release for more info!

■ UR Ark Rate-Up Gacha Release
A gacha will be released featuring UR arks and Descent of Heroes-limited units on rate-up. In order to make previously released UR arks and Descent of Heroes-limited units more easily obtainable, we’ll be holding these gacha once a month! The number of arks/units included and rate-up targets will change according to release.

(3) Updates from July onwards
Here is a brief summary of what’s in store for the July updates:

▼Scheduled Update Content

New story added.
Release of various skip (or fast-forward) functions.
→ This will apply to Tower of Trials floors, tour and Friend Gacha results screens, the player EXP animation, and others.
Release of notifications for soul spots, tours and conquer quest completions.
New battle types added.
In-battle target lock.
New powerful enemies added.
Release of a subscription service.
*These are listed in no particular order, and info about each release will be given when it’s ready.

Beyond the above, even more events, promos, and other content updates are scheduled for release, so look forward to further announcements!

Lastly, I’d once again like to thank the wonderful Last Cloudia players from all over the world for supporting the title every day! Everyone here in the management team is committed to making Last Cloudia a game that is endlessly entertaining; as such, we’re always grateful for your kind encouragement, unfiltered opinions, and other feedback. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the many improvements to come!

As always, thank you for being a part of the Last Cloudia community!

Happy adventuring,
Producer Teruya Takeshima