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New Units Rabbala and Baran Come to Last Cloudia, Completing the Four Lords of Ruin!

[TOKYO, JAPAN – May 25, 2021] Mobile game developer and publisher AIDIS Inc. announced that their popular smartphone RPG Last Cloudia will release the new units “Advocate of God, Baran” and “Advocate of God, Rabbala” along with the new ark “Hagiopolis of Adan” (SSR). The two remaining members of the Lords of Ruin who have plagued Kyle and the others in the main story finally arrive! Watch out for these powerful new units and the high-performance new ark Hagiopolis of Adan!

Two new Advocates of God descend upon Granzelia.

Advocate of God, Baran (Voice: Kenichirou Matsuda)

Humans! Cower in terror!
For I am Baran of the Four Lords of Ruin!
Loyal advocate of the only true God, Lougseus!

A no-attribute medium-range attacker who slays enemies with his signature Ophidian Blade!​

・The most capable attacker of the Four Lords of Ruin, his trait Unscathed increases his attack power proportionally to his HP loss, and his unique skill Ruination also increases his attack power.
・In addition, he possesses the unique skill Deadlands, which does high damage to enemies near death, and the skill Vampiric Drain, which increases his attack power when defeating an enemy; a specialist unit purpose-built for wiping out enemies!

Advocate of God, Rabbala (Voice: Fumiko Orikasa)

I am Rabbala, advocate of the great God Lougseus
and one of the Four Lords of Ruin.
I will destroy all of humanity!

An Earth Sorcerer who punishes enemies with powerful magical storms at will!

・Her powerful trait Wicked Tempest inflicts enemies with the new Exsanguinate debuff and she does high damage to afflicted enemies, while her unique skill Divine Winds inflicts an attribute resistance debuff on all enemies.
・In addition, her trait Netherworld Resonance increases her power based on the number of Sorcerers present, while her unique skill Mind Pierce can lower enemy MND when magically attacking and deal high damage.

*Advocate of God, Baran and Advocate of God, Rabbala are Descent of Heroes limited units available from May 27 post-maintenance until 11:59 pm (PT) on June 23. Please see the in-game notice for further details.

The mighty ark Hagiopolis of Adan (SSR) arrives!

Hagiopolis of Adan (SSR)

Ark Attributes (att Ark Lv. MAX)
[Knight Only] Battle Start: All skills recover SCT 5 sec.
When armor is equipped, at battle start all skills recover SCT 5 sec.
Become less likely to faint.
When HP is at least 50%, become more likely to be targeted, when HP 50% or less, DEF / MND +30%.

In addition, the newly introduced spells Grand Fort (Boost an ally’s DEF +35%.) and Durability (Movement speed is lowered, but physical damage -10% is taken from enemies.) can be learned from this ark! Equipping this ark to a knight unit will fortify your party!

*The Hagiopolis of Adan ark will be added to the standard gachas following maintenance on May 27. Please see the in-game notice for further details.

A special event featuring limited equipment is also available!

Special Event “Four Lords Attack!”
Available on May 27 post-maintenance until 11:59 pm (PT) on June 9! Defeat the powerful Four Lords of Ruin to obtain powerful event-limited equipment!

The two other Lords of Ruin also make a reappearance! Zouglas’ story event returns!

There will also be Redux Descent of Heroes Festivals for the previously released members of the Four Lords of Ruin “Advocate of God, Zouglas” and “Advocate of God, Degrogue” from May 27 post-maintenance until 11:59 pm (PT) on June 9! *Please see the in-game notices for further details.

Redux Special Event Fragments of a Hero -Episode Zouglas- Released!
Available on May 27 post-maintenance until 11:59 pm (PT) on June 9! Fragments of a Hero -Episode Zouglas-
The story follows Zouglas as he fights in the name of the God of Ruin, Lougseus, against rebels in the various lands of Granzelia. ​Cut down all those who would dare to defy the God of Ruin, be they commoner or king. Those who are called heroes take the brunt of his attacks… without exception.

GEMS COMPANY Collab Multiplayer Stamps!

Multiplayer collab stamps will be released featuring original illustrations of GEMS COMPANY’s Shizuku Otowa, Mikoto Hase, Nene Naninu, and Hinaka Hoshina, a foursome who have been livening up the Japanese version of Last Cloudia from March 2021!

Everyone who visits the Last Cloudia Home screen during the promo period will receive these stamps for free. Be sure to play during this promo!

May 27, 2021 post-maintenance until start of June 24 maintenance


A Square Enix-produced idol unit composed of eight girls who met online. Every day, they give 110% to make their dreams of becoming idols, singers, and voice actresses come true.

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